Service and Repair in St. Louis County, MN

mark When your computer needs repairs or service to set it running right again, you can’t trust just anyone. Mishandling your data can lead to bigger issues and if the original problem isn’t addressed properly, it can persist and get worse.

The smart thing to do when you need computer repair or maintenance is to contact Mark Wilcox Computer Services, Inc. We’re Comp TIA A+ certified, with a Microsoft Certified Professional Systems Engineer and Certified Novell Engineer on staff to provide professional, reliable computer services, including:

  • Computer repair

    From operating system crashes to physical damage to your desktop or laptop, I’m equipped to provide general computer repair across the board. No matter the operating system or hardware brand, let me restore the functionality of your computer and get you back to your digital life quickly.

  • Virus & malware removal

    Don’t let malicious programs compromise the integrity of your data and your computer. I scan for, quarantine and eliminate viruses and malware, removing all traces of them so you can use your computer safely, without the threat of malicious data.

  • Tune-up services

    Computer running slowly? I’ll run it through a complete tune-up, including defragmenting the drive, clearing caches, flushing the DNS, cleaning up temporary files, checking connections and cabling, running diagnostics and cleaning your hardware. Your machine will run like new when I’m done!

  • Data recovery

    Having issues with data loss? We specialize in data recovery in St. Louis County, MN and can revive files that may have accidently been lost or deleted. I can also help you update your hard drive to make sure accidental data loss is stopped.

  • Software updates

    Updating your software is a great way to protect your PC from malicious hacking and problems with individual files and programs. When everything is up to date your computer will run smoother and safer. Let me help you update everything thoroughly, so you can get back to computing with peace of mind.

Parts and Components

Need a new keyboard to replace a damaged one? Looking for an SSD so you don’t have to keep paying for hard drive recovery in St. Louis County, MN? Look no further! I sell only top-of-the-line, name-brand parts and components, guaranteeing the best possible operation from your PC. My selection of parts in-stock and available for order include:

  • Active switches
  • Backup drives
  • Battery backup
  • Chassis
  • External hard drives
  • Fax machines
  • Flash drives
  • Internal hard drives
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Monitors
  • Installs all parts/components
  • Network access storage
  • Network cards
  • Portable drives
  • Printers
  • Replacement fans
  • Replacement power supplies
  • Routers
  • Sound cards
  • Surge protectors
  • Video cards

Contact Mark Wilcox Computer Services, Inc. today for assistance with computer repair or to inquire about any of the parts we have available. Reach us at 218-735-8212.

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