Computer Tune-Up

My complete tune-up and optimization task list:

    • Listen to customers concerns and issues


    • Diagnose problems based on customer ‘s concerns


    • Troubleshoot problems and fix the issues


    • Check all hardware on the computer or laptop’s desktop, such as hard drive (slow or failing), memory, motherboard, video, sound, camera, USB and other ports, etc.


    • Clean computer or laptop as needed


    • Check internet (ISP provider and modem/wireless router), and run a speed test


    • Install a premium internet security or malware removal program, if not installed already


    • Run all infection and malware scans (rootkits, ransomware, viruses, worms, trojans, malware, BHO’s, etc.) with complete infection removal


    • Install additional programs as requested, such as Microsoft Office, financial programs, vendor software, etc.


    • Set up printers as requested


    • Set up new e-mail accounts


  • Recover data from non-bootable (dead) computers and hard drives as requested
    • Scan and fix corrupt system files


    • Remove obsolete and corrupt programs, files, temp and cache files, etc.


    • Complete all Windows or MAC OS updates


    • Check browsers and extensions


    • Security, applications, browser, install all current updates


    • Update BIOS and check settings. Upload latest drivers for the computer


    • Set up cloud storage and/or syncing to other devices


    • Set up external backup or cloud secure backup


    • Resetting the passwords for those locked out of their computer


  • Networking computers in the home or business as needed

computer tune-up graphic